Free Technology for Charitable Organizations

Helping Charities Help People

Charities do the most important work on the planet. With free technology, imagine how much more could be accomplished. 

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OWL - Open World Learning (formerly MyCity Learn)

a free learning platform specially designed for charities

Registered charities are invited to create a free OWL account to connect staff, volunteers, board members, and clients to the eLearning courses and programs they need.

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MyCity Photo

a contest platform for people experiencing homelessness 

Launched to share the personal stories and creativity of people experiencing homelessness in our city, the photo contest site included an app and an e-commerce shop.

MyCity Photo
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MyCity Give

a fundraising platform powering a peer-to-peer campaign 

The May 2020 online campaign attracted major corporate donors, mobilized the community, and raised almost $250,000 for people in need.

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