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Learn more about the each of the initiatives MyCity offers.

Each technology initiative is designed to empower people marginalized by homelessness by giving them the resources they need to connect with others and find opportunity in today's digital world. 



People who are marginalized by homelessness often live with a profound sense of isolation. Since email is key to facilitating connection, MyCity provides free email accounts that establish a digital address. 

The MyCity Photo platform powers photography contests that generate sales from striking photos taken by people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Through sharing these unique perspectives, the project empowers and supports this often overlooked population.

In today's digital world, owning a phone is key to staying connected and finding opportunity. MyCity Phones is an initiative to allow people to donate mobile phones and receive a tax receipt. Participating charities distribute donated phones stocked with MyCity apps to provide a home base for people to connect with others, and access email, mobile learning, and other essentials.

Digital learning bridges the education gap, making it easy to access educational resources for improving life circumstances. Powered by Docebo, the leading cloud-based Learning Management System, and designed in animation, MyCity mobile courses build valuable life skills that enhance well-being and employability.