About Us

We help charities help people in need in the best, most efficient way.

At MyCity Impact, we applaud the amazing work being done by charitable organizations in cities across Canada and the world, so we have made it our mission to help them help people in need. 


MyCity Impact Inc. is a social enterprise founded by Intercap Inc. to provide technology solutions to charities so they can more easily support underprivileged communities. Our mission is to connect charities and the people they serve to education, opportunity, funds and awareness.

Meet Our Team

Jason Chapnik Founder, Chairman

Jodi Chapnik  Co-Founder, Director of Philanthropy

Randi Myers — Director of Impact

Sergio Da Silva  Director of Technology

Adam SadowskiDirector of Operations

Zoe Varga  Marketing Manager

Chelsi Germain  Marketing Coordinator

Pravina Palanisamy – Learning Administration Manager


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